Nadia Ferreira wore two elegant dresses to her wedding to Marc Anthony.

Hola USA magazine, which has the exclusive rights to cover the wedding of Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony, has revealed details of the outfits worn by former Miss Universe Paraguay during the ceremony and party.

This Sunday, the Paraguayan model chose two wedding dresses designed by the Israeli fashion brand Galia Lahav, which bears the same name as its founder, including well-known celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jennifer López, Cristina Aguilera and Beyoncé. other things.

For Saturday night’s main ceremony at the Miami Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Nadia Ferreira opted for a romantic dress with a heart-shaped bustier and a long skirt, according to the publication. A worn look made of embroidered tulle that starts at the body and descends slowly to the skirt.

The wedding dress had a long and voluminous tail. The magazine itself, which has the exclusivity, showed some pictures about it on social networks on Monday.

She wore a matching long-sleeved bolero jacket made of tulle and embroidered lace. It was a simple dress with the right elegance that required at least 122 hours of sewing, including modeling, fabric cutting, draping, embroidery and fitting.

The second dress chosen by the citizen was notable for its seductive and refined cut with a sweetheart neckline and fitted skirt with tulle appliqués on the back.

Hola USA described how sparkle takes over the embroideries in this model, which replaces or complements the lace and fabric appliqués of the main dress, which is ideal for showing off under the lights of the dance floor.

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The Paraguayan from Guairá was responsible for organizing the event and it cost an estimated $1 million.

Nadia Ferreira met Marc Anthony at one of the Puerto Rican’s concerts in Paraguay in 2016. Nadia, a fan of the musician, posed for a photo with him and years later they worked together and love was born.

President Mario Abdo Benítez, with friends and family and relatives of various celebrities; First Lady Silvana López Moreira and Miami Consul Justo Apodaca attended the wedding.

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