Lewandowski’s former agent begins a lawsuit for alleged blackmail

Lewandowski’s former agent begins a lawsuit for alleged blackmail

Cezary Kucharski, the former agent of footballer Robert Lewandowski, has been on the bench since Thursday in a Warsaw court, accused of attempting to blackmail the Barcelona star and his wife.

The first hearing of the trial took place after several unsuccessful attempts to reach an agreement between the lawyers of both sides, in a closed-door and no-press hearing at Lewandowski’s request.

Between 2019 and 2020, Kucharski threatened Lewandowski and his wife Anna with “the disclosure of information about tax irregularities at RL Management”, a commercial company that exploits the football star’s image rights, according to the Polish sports press.

The alleged extortion attempts, according to Lewandowski, took place in two conversations between the footballer and his former agent in a phone call in 2018, during a conversation at the Kempiski hotel in Munich in 2019 and at the Baczewski restaurant in Warsaw in January 2020.

According to the Polish media, the footballer has recorded all these conversations and intends to provide them as proof of his allegations at the trial.

Kucharski, for his part, claims that these recordings have been manipulated.

The process has raised high expectations in Poland, not only for being the country’s leading footballer, but also for being what is regarded as the architect of his career.

Cezary Kucharski became Lewandowski’s representative in 2010, when the current captain of the Polish team played for humble Znicz Pruszków.

It was Kucharski who negotiated Lewandowski’s transfers to Lech Poznań, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, where “Lewi” has achieved his greatest sporting achievements.

However, their paths parted in 2018, when Lewandowski’s agent became Israel’s Phini Zahavi.

According to the Polish press, Kucharski tried to get a sum of 20 million euros from the player in compensation and in return for not disclosing alleged tax fraud by the player’s company, which sparked the conflict between the two.

Kucharski’s lawyer announced shortly before the trial that “very inconvenient facts for Lewandowski and his wife will be published shortly.”

Source: El heraldo