New music video by Marc Anthony with Nadia and phrases in Guarani

It was released in collaboration with singers Maluma and Marc Anthony. FormulaA song that is a ‘mathematical’ anthem, dedicated to broken hearts who live and cling to the hope that an old love will return despite the passage of time.

In the video for the song, beauty queen vice compatriot Nadia Ferreira appears with her husband Marc. The latter can also be heard addressing the music producer in Guarani with phrases such as “ndopavéi, ndopavéi” (don’t stop) and “rohayhu, Juancho” (I love you, Juancho).

In addition, the artists evoke the pain of remembering a handful of kisses and hugs on a cold New York winter.

to bury

“If you want to come back, I’ll wait for you here,” the Puerto Rican-American man keeps repeating, while Paisa sharply chides the other party that it’s easy to find a “clown”-shaped “backup.” . .

the two are happy

Formula It comes after a previous collaboration with the pop/urban theme. happy 4. through two artists he went through a process of metamorphosis to salsa.

The complicity between the two since then can be felt in the music video for the new song, which offers a glimpse of what happens when they make music together “where the magic happens”: recording studio Hit Factory in Miami, said the Colombian.

Nominated for the 2023 Colombian Grammy in the Best City Album category, “Marc and I have an extraordinary friendship, we want to make music, sing and dance when we see each other.” Video about love and sex.

Former Miss Universe Nadia Ferreira and singer Marc Anthony got married last Saturday at an event at the luxurious Pérez Art Museum in Miami, USA.

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