FIA starts registration process for new teams in F1

FIA starts registration process for new teams in F1

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) on Thursday launched a registration system for potential new teams interested in entering Formula 1, it said in a statement.

In the text, the FIA ​​thanked the “interest of teams with serious intentions” in participating in the “Grande Circo” and added.

The strong interest from several potential candidates is further evidence of the championship’s popularity and growth.

All applicants go through a “thorough” process that evaluates the potential team’s “technical skills” and “resources”, as well as its ability to raise and maintain “sufficient” funds to play the World Cup “in a competitive and against human and experienced resources”.

Each candidate must demonstrate how they would tackle the sustainability challenge and how they plan to achieve a net zero carbon impact by 2030. They must also illustrate how they intend to create a positive social impact that will help achieve the mutual goals of the FIA ​​and Formula 1.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem stressed that Formula 1’s “growth and attractiveness” reached “unprecedented levels” and therefore considered it “sufficient” to open this selection process.

The lawsuit is a logical continuation of the positive acceptance of the 2026 FIA F1 power unit regulations by engine manufacturers, which drew Audi into Formula 1 and piqued the interest of other potential entrants.

Andretti Global and General Motors announced earlier this month that they would enter Formula 1 together and compete in the Cadillac World Cup under the same brand. In a joint statement, they state that the goal is “to become competitive as soon as possible”, although the process appears to be time consuming.

Markus ReussCadillac boss, reports.

We have a long and rich history in motorsport and technical innovation and are excited about the prospect of partnering with Andretti Global to build an American F1 team that will help continue to spark global interest in the sport.

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