st. John’s Breezes overtake Gonzaga in the matchup of the nation’s best lacrosse teams

In the midst of one of the most grueling programs in the Washington area, No. 1 S. John’s 17-6 win at his home in northwest Washington, No. He continued to run the business with 2 Gonzaga.

After playing against Gonzaga in Gonzaga’s second allegiance at the Catholic Athletic Conference in Washington DC, St. John’s players said winning over their biggest rivals was one of their most satisfying wins early in the season.

“Even if our youngsters only know how to beat Gonzaga, I know. . . “We didn’t fully beat Gonzaga,” said senior defender Riley Figueiras after the students won 9-0. “It means a lot to older children.”

st. Although John’s players made the Friday round on their calendar early in the season, they failed to outrun their opponents. The cadets have beaten several teams in the national rankings, including Baltimore Boys’ Latino and Calvert Hall district leaders, and Canada’s best Hill Academy team.

Gonzaga (8-1) also scored wins against ranked national teams and had the potential to be the toughest challenge of the students. in lacrosse St. He placed Giovanni and Gonzaga in the ranking of the 1st and 2nd team of the country. The Eagles have won nine of their last 10 WCAC titles.

Closing the circuit with a 6-2 lead, St. Jones sat for about three minutes before the players returned to the field to warm up for the second half. Gonzaga, meanwhile, spent most of the break in a corner discussing strategy.

st. The situation will only get worse for the Eagles when Jones scores three goals in the first three minutes of the second half, followed by the “too easy” student-student scandals.

st. “I’m training defense here, and it’s really hard,” said the John Wes Speaks coach. “There are days [in practice] I bit my lip right where they reached six of the top six and I’m glad I was insulted. “

John also defeated Gonzaga last season, but WCAC did not hold a postseason due to an outbreak until the Cadets won their first DC Lacrosse championship. st. John continues his national program against the Episcopal Academy (Pa.) Next week, but his main goal remains to win his second WCAC title and his first since 2017.

“We’ll probably be one of the best high school teams to come out of the Maryland area and possibly the country this year,” said Jackie Wheeler, who dominated the club in person on Friday. “I trust the team so much. We will do our best to be the best team ”.

Source: Washington Post