Norrie takes revenge on Alcaraz in Rio Open final

Norrie takes revenge on Alcaraz in Rio Open final

Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz lost (5-7, 6-4, 7-5) this Sunday to the English Cameron Norrie V Final tournament in Rio de Janeiro.categories ATP 500 and contested on the ground, mainly due to right leg injury suffered in the second set with everything in favor.

The Murcian rose again on the fly in the Brazilian competition, with a difficult start and a marathon on Friday. Norrie was the first option to break, but Alcaraz He improved the rest, hovering around the “gap” until he became set in favor with 5-7.

Alcarazwho a week ago beat the English in end of Buenos Aireshe put a straight in the second set, but after putting 3-1 discomfort in right leg. From there and with a brief intervention by a Spanish physiotherapist lost four games in a rowfrustrated by failure.

eight games in two weeksfirst in 2023 after more than 100 days absence with two injuries, affected Alcaraz who remained on the move, but limped. Thus, the Murcian did not want exchanges and launched his right without looking back. Norrie He also had to play his bulletin and forced third set (6-4).

The Spaniard’s direct game gave him ‘break’ starting in the final set, but the Englishman once again kept his cool to inflict damage where Alcaraz had suffered. The champion clung to the track, walked, but with quality blows, removing the bandage from his leg, because it did not seem to help at all.

At the key moment Norrie hits on the first serve and this further complicated the reaction of Alcaraz, who was thinking about a new injury, in the same area as in his dropped out of the Australian Open. The one from El Palmar who strove to match Novak Djokovic world number one to win was overthrown in Rio.

(According to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias