Snowboard training with De Blois: “Go upstairs and see it later, good”

Snowboard training with De Blois: “Go upstairs and see it later, good”

Snowboarder Glenn de Blois, St. The mountain peaks are still pink from the morning sun when you take the chairlift in the Moritz Valley. “It’s eight and minus 17 degrees in the morning, but the weather is fine,” the Dutchman smiles too early. “Today is a great day, we are almost one of the first.”

The 27-year-old westerner has not been on a winter sports holiday for a week. During his stay at the Swiss ski resort, he has to work hard for the World Cup. What does the working day look like? Along with three others, he threw himself downhill several times at full speed on a winding and bumpy road.

world box

Life as a snowboarder is not bad. “A world class. You wake up early in the morning, you go upstairs and you see this. Isn’t it beautiful,” says De Blois, looking out over the Swiss valley.

Starting Thursday, De Blois will kick off at the World Cup in Bakuriani, Georgia. In preparation for the World Championships, he is at a training camp in Sankt Moritz with the Swiss national snowboard team.

“The Dutch Ski Federation and NOC*NSF have an agreement with Switzerland where I train with them. I am Swiss for Switzerland but I am only Dutch. I only have a Dutch passport.”

De Blois has to join Switzerland because the Netherlands does not have a snowboard team and cannot train for that sport alone. The Swiss have a wide circle. Coaches, physiotherapists, technicians, people who prepare the course.

And for this training camp, the Swiss Federation invited Australian, German and Spanish snowboarders to the track as training partners. De Blois is in good hands with the Swiss.

don’t go for a few days

As a midfielder you have to love the adrenaline. And it can take a beating. Crashes happen regularly and are often difficult. De Blois, for example, did not start the snowboard season flawlessly. The first game went wrong and the second game hit the ground hard.

“Bam! I couldn’t walk for a few days.” Because of an involuntary knee and back. But now it’s back in shape. In the World Cup competitions held in Italy at the beginning of February, De Blois immediately reached the final. He looked like he would win until he fell again. “That’s part of the job. This is good.”

De Blois: “The best thing about sports is that the jury doesn’t decide if it’s the best or not. It’s simple: whoever falls first wins. And there are all kinds of disciplines. You have jumps, curves, rolls. Everything about snowboarding.”

And so, there are other participants on the course with whom nudges are regularly exchanged. “You know what: I might be the best that day, but if someone knocks me down… What about later? Then you’re still out. You don’t have a second chance. Of course, it’s up to you whether you do this or not. or not, you win, but if someone else knocks you down, you go home too.”

“All or nothing.” Also in Georgia next Thursday.

Source: NOS