Damian Lillard signed a monumental 71-point performance in the NBA

Damian Lillard signed a monumental 71-point performance in the NBA

Damian Lillard recorded 71 points and thirteen triples in 39 minutes, the eighth best performance in NBA history, in the Portland Trail Blazers’ 131-114 home win over the Houston Rockets this Sunday.

Lillard, who won the All-Star 3-point game last week, lit up Portland’s evening with a monumental performance that rivals Donovan Mitchell’s performance earlier this year in a Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Chicago Bulls.

The Blazers’ leader finished with 22 of 38 shots and his thirteen of 22 three-point shots put him just one triple away from Klay Thompson’s record of 14. He now shares second place in this specialty, in an NBA game, with Steph Curry and Zach LaVine.

He had 41 points at halftime, having drawn 16 in the first quarter and 25 in the second, and continued his monologue at the restart with nine points in the third period and 21 in the fourth.

He signed his fifth game with more than sixty points and improved to a career-best mark of 61 (against the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors in 2020).

He scored triples from all parts of the field and also excelled with some spectacular tackles. In one of them, he culminated the game with a beautiful one-handed dunk.

The 32-year-old point guard led the Blazers’ win as they are 11th in the West (29-31) and battle the Minnesota Timberwolves (31-32) for a spot in the play-ins.

“There are still 22 or 23 games to go before the end of the season and we have to give everything to get as many wins as possible,” said Lillard after the game.

“I wanted to be aggressive and played in ‘attack mode’,” the Blazers leader added.

His 71 points tied for the eighth-best personal performance in NBA history, though only three players outperformed him.

The absolute record belongs to Wilt Chamberlain (100 points), who also scored 78, 73 three times and 72 times in his extraordinary career.

The second position is occupied by Kobe Bryant (81 points), while David Thompson, active in the 1970s and 1980s with the Denver Nuggets and Seattle Super Sonics, is fourth (73).


The Lakers signed their best comeback in 21 years, winning in Dallas after trailing by 27 points, ahead of Anthony Davis (30 points and 15 rebounds), LeBron James (26 points) and Jarred Vanderbilt (15 points and 17 rebounds) .

The Angelenos (29-32) celebrated their third consecutive victory and are pushing for a place in the Western play-ins, currently marked by the New Orleans Pelicans (30-31).

The Mavericks lost their fourth game of the last five and still haven’t found the best match between Luka Doncic (26 points) and Kyrie Irving (21 points and 11 rebounds).

BUCKS 104 – SUNS 101

Without Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks sealed their fourteenth consecutive win, driven by a stellar Jrue Holiday, key player with 33 points.

The 2021 champions went 18-7 in the final minutes to topple the Suns, still without Kevin Durant, who came to the ‘Valley’ to form a fantastic trio alongside Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

‘KD’, who has problems with his knee, should make his debut on March 1 against the Charlotte Hornets or on the 3rd of the same month against the Chicago Bulls.


Serbian Nikola Jokic signed the triple-double number 99 of his NBA career to lead the Nuggets, leaders of the West, in overtime victory against the Clippers with 40 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists.

The Angelenos fell short in another marathon after losing to the Kings after two overtimes on Friday.

Michael Porter Jr signed 29 and Jamal Murray contributed 21 for the Nuggets against the Clippers (fifth, 33-30) in which Kawhi Leonard scored 33 points, playing 46 minutes against the Kings.

HAWKS 129 – NETS 127

Trae Young gave the Hawks the win at the buzzer against a free-falling Nets after Irving and Durant’s departures. The Atlanta star finished his game with 34 points and eight assists, backed by Dejounte Murray’s 28 points.

The victory came on a day when the United States announced that Quin Snyder had been hired as the new Hawks coach, following the firing of Nate McMillan.


The Warriors woke up in time to rallied 31-17 in the final period from the Wolves, pushed by Klay Thompson’s 32 points and six 3-pointers and Kevon Looney’s double-double of 12 points and 17 rebounds.

Waiting for Steph Curry, out with injury, the Warriors finished seventh in the West (31-30), one win behind the Mavericks, sixth.


The Cavaliers reunited with the win after three losses, snapping the Raptors’ four-game winning streak led by 35 points from Donovan Mitchell.

THURS 115 – KINGS 124

With a De’Aaron Fox tally of 33 points, the Kings continued to press the accelerator and triumphed in the field of the Thunder after the extraordinary victory in the field of the Clippers (176-175), after two overtime periods.

The Kings are third (35-25), behind the Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets.


Sealing their second straight win after the All-Star break, the Bulls made it to the table by defeating the Wizards, who they are fighting for a place in the Eastern play-ins.

DeMar DeRozan recorded 29 points and Zach LaVine contributed 27 for the Bulls who are 11th (28-33), with the Wizards tenth (28-32) and one game short of Billy Donovan’s team.

. Classifications:

. Eastern Conference:

.1. Boston Celtics 44-17

.2. Milwaukee Bucks 43-17

.3. Philadelphia 76ers 39-20

.4. Cleveland Cavaliers 39-25

.5. Brooklyn Nets 34-26

.6. New York Knicks 35-27

.7. Miami Heat 32-29

.8. Atlanta Hawks 31-30

.9. Toronto Raptors 30-32

10.Washington Wizards 28-32

11. Chicago bulls 28-33

12. Indiana Pacer 27-35

13. Orlando Magic 25-36

14. Charlotte Hornets 19-43

15. Detroit Pistons 15-46

. Western Conference:

.1. Denver Nuggets 43-19

.2. Memphis Grizzlies 36-23

.3. Sacramento Kings 35-25

.4. Phoenix Suns 33-29

.5. LA Clippers 33-30

.6. Dallas Mavericks 32-30

.7. Golden State Warriors 31-30

.8. Utah Jazz 31-31

.9. Minnesota Timberwolves 31-32

10. New Orleans Pelicans 30-31

11. Portland Trailblazers 29-31

12. L.A. Lakers 29-32

13. Oklahoma City Thunder 28-32

14. San Antonio Spurs 14-47

15. Houston Missiles 13-47.

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