Pinto’s anger at a journalist: ‘You ask such absurd questions’

Pinto’s anger at a journalist: ‘You ask such absurd questions’

Surely Jorge Luis Pinto will give something to talk about at his press conferences this semester. The Deportivo Cali coach does not mince words when it comes to dealing with the media and can shoot his colleagues without blushing, as he did yesterday with Lucas González, the coach of Águilas Doradas or journalists, as happened after the 2 -1 win over Deportes Tolima, the previous Sunday at the Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium in Ibagué.

Pinto, who questioned González and asked to leave the country if he came to practice “secret football”, was upset by a question posed to him by Babel Colombia journalist Camilo Gómez after the important victory in pijao territory.

“Teacher, take a breath from this victory. You, the last game against Águilas, declared that the anti-football team threw itself on the field, and today we saw several Deportivo Cali players do the same. Another little thing, teacher, do you look timidly at the ghost of the descent?” Gómez interjected.

Pinto showed annoyance at the communicator’s comment and question, replying, “You ask such absurd questions, it surprises me. I tell you with all sincerity. Why don’t you tell me we’re winning, we’re undefeated, we’re rising? At least support us on that. What’s the other thing you asked me that’s worse? That we throw ourselves on the ground. He doesn’t see that Mera is torn, we had to take him out for that. I could say that Tolima threw herself more on the ground.”

“Let’s watch football. That day I said it because there were several such situations, several. I invite you to watch the video. Not today. The first thing I told them (referring to the players and pointing to Daniel Mantilla , who sat next to him) is that I don’t want them to throw themselves on the ground and stop the game, I don’t want those players on my team I have that philosophy and I will stick to it I don’t know if I win or lose , but I’m going to support it. Is that clear?” added Pinto, winking at him and raising his left thumb to the journalist.

Source: El heraldo