MLB: Manny Machado completes 11-year $350 million deal with Padres

MLB: Manny Machado completes 11-year 0 million deal with Padres

The San Diego Padres have reached a contract extension deal that will pay Dominican third baseman Manny Machado approximately $350 million over the next 11 seasons in Major League Baseball, reported Sunday.

The new agreement between the Dominican star and Pais comes after Machado announced he would exercise the option of his previous agreement and go public this year.

Given Machado’s position, both team owner Peter Seidel and group general manager AJ PrellerThey indicated that keeping the playmaker as a member of the parents is a priority for them.

The ax deal ranks third in most lucrative contract renewals in major league history right behind the outfielders mookie bets who Los Angeles Dodgers They gave him $365 million for 12 years and Mike Trout who received $360 million for 10 years of the Los Angeles Angels.

With this agreement Machado, together with the Puerto Rican Francisco Lindorde Metro de New York (341 million for 10 years), his partner and compatriot Fernando Tatis Jr. (340 million over 14 seasons) and compatriot Raphael Dever (331 million over 11 campaigns), are among the players with the longest contract extensions in MLB history.

The outstanding third baseman hit the Pais before the start of the 2019 season and has since marked his place on the State League West team he led into the postseason twice, including last year when they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in ALCS.

Last season Pais was the leading offensive man for them with a .298 batting average on the offensive line with 32 home runs, 100 runs made and 102 RBIs.

This performance moved him into second place in voting for the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

(With information from Reuters)

Source: La Neta Neta