President of the Canadian Football Federation resigns | tweet

President of the Canadian Football Federation resigns |  tweet

Nick Bontisthe president Canadian Football Federationresigned from his functions in the middle pressure from the players of their national teams and from do not conclude a collective agreement with them.

The women’s team planned a strike earlier this month, but backed down under threat of legal action. Instead, they played “in protest” and openly discussed the possibility boycott the April concentration unless an agreement is reached before this date.

However, Bontis’ departure may be a sign of some progress because both male and female choice They requested changes in the direction of the federal body.

In his farewell statement Bontis he pointed out:

The Canadian Football Federation and our national teams have a real chance to sign a historic collective bargaining agreement.

And I add:

Once signed, this will be a historic agreement that will set our country apart from almost any other FIFA association. Although I have been one of the most vocal advocates for leveling the competitive landscape of our women’s team, I will unfortunately not be leading the organization when that happens. I understand that this moment needs to be changed.

(According to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias