Manchester United qualify for the quarter-finals of the FA Cup with a discount

Surviving a goal against West Ham, supported at times by David de Gea, resurfacing with an own goal in yet another goal in the penalty area from Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United withstood the pressure, reacted in time and qualified for the edge of the 90th minute for the quarter-finals of the FA Cup with a great goal from the Spanish-Argentine Alejandro Garnacho.

The number 49 starter in the eleven starting Erik ten Hag, with the Old Trafford tribute in the closing moments as he was already the protagonist of the long-suffering win, came to the rescue of his side as extra time approached, with a disturbing draw that left the 18-year-old winger after a shot by Weghorst and with an irrefutable right hand. It was Garnacho’s triumph, even if Fred later, already in 95, condemned everything with the final 3-1.

At Garnacho’s level, David de Gea was in front of him, supporting his team on several occasions. Also Areola, first, with a save a shot from Sabitzer, and another intervention from Dalot, in two shots from distance, but especially the Spanish goalkeeper, United’s savior in the individual duel that he defeated Mikhail Antonio in the middle of the first half: he waited, he persevered, he didn’t give up and reached out his right hand at the right moment to deny West Ham the goal, frustrated by the goalkeeper’s great reaction.

The same thing happened when he came to United’s aid, already at the start of the second half, with a shot from Soucek; the last chance for the 0-1 that was no longer achieved by David de Gea, surpassed in minute 55 by Benhrama to open a completely different game, in which Erik Ten Hag’s team needed much more than what they had until then had shown, in that mix of starters and rotations he came out with at the start of the clash.

As soon as he received the 0-1, the Dutch coach immediately called Rashford; his goalscorer, with 25 goals this season (17 in the last 19 games before Wednesday’s game), with a start at Old Trafford. West Ham’s goal shook up the confrontation, the game and United, again supported by De Gea against Antonio.

Casemiro also demanded, with a whiplash from outside the area, Areola’s raid, as the clash had already ended. Less on the scoreboard, the game belonged to United, offended and attacking with the 0-1 against, suddenly revived because they always thought they were winners, without yet deserving it, and suddenly saw themselves as losers. The goal against was not in his plans.

West Ham already entered resistance mode, relieved when the VAR visualized Casemiro’s inches lead in the header that made it 1-1 in moments, until the review annulled the goal in the 72nd minute, but it was the advance of the A draw that was true in minute 76, when another goal from a set piece by Bruno Fernandes, this time from a corner kick, was unsolvable for his rival. It didn’t reach the goalkeeper, Aguerd didn’t clear well, it was the game.

The victory was closed in minute 90 by Garnacho. Fred ended the doubts with the 3-1 just to be sure. United to the quarter-finals. He didn’t play well. It wasn’t his best game. But it is their 18th win in their most recent 22 games in official competition, losing just one. The League Cup champion wants more. Need more.

Source: El heraldo