“Messi is waiting for you”: wife’s family business was shot

He Supermarket from the footballer’s wife’s family Lionel Messi, Antonella Roccuzzolocated in the city rosary beadseast of Argentina, was taken at dawn this Thursdayas confirmed by the news agency EFE official sources, who also reported that express message for the Argentine star.

Except shots and shell casings, a message was found at the scene dedicated to the captain of the Argentine team, who was elected as the Best Player World Cup 2022 in Qatar and was recently awarded the best of FIFA:

Messi we are waiting for you, (mayor of Rosario, Pablo) Yavkin is also a drug dealer, he will not take care of you.

As described, they were carried out 14 shots on the facade of the premises Roccuzzo family, located in the western part rosary beadsfootballer’s hometown, in the province of Argentina Santa Feshortly before 03:00 am.

Most of the shots hit the metal shutters, and it is believed that the attackers were riding a motorcycle to carry out the attack.

Thursday early, Pablo Yavkinthe mayor of Rosario, appeared before the media stationed in this place and accused this fact of criminal gangs .

In addition, the mayor of Argentina was quick to confirm that doubt “everything” about the attacksince the previous day he had met with the provincial and federal police, the gendarmerie and the naval prefecture and assured that “There is no persecution.”

“It’s very insidious”he claimed Yavkinensuring that it is “easy” for a group to generate an event such as being raised and “Tell me about the most famous person in the world”wondering if there will be any other news that “spreads faster in the world than attack Messi’s place” and threaten him.

The mayor insisted that what they were looking for was “Consequences” and asked to leave the Roccuzzo family open a room and work.

rosary beads It is considered the city most punished violence in Argentinaaffected by acts of insecurity due to the action drug gangs.

Front end psg The Frenchman usually celebrates Christmas in his hometown, where he has a house in a private area, just like after the third title won by the Argentine team in Qatar 2022Last December.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias