F1: “Checo” Perez starts the season as the fastest on the track

F1: “Checo” Perez starts the season as the fastest on the track

mexican pilot Sergio “Checo” Perezfrom the team Red Bulldominated the first practice season 2023in the first free Bahrain Grand Prixwhich will open formula 1 championship with a race on Sunday.

The second best on the track was the Spaniard Fernando Alonso from Aston Martinand teammate from Perez and the current two-time champion of the highest category Max Verstappen; Meanwhile, the panic of the day was also arranged by the Spanish Carlos Sainz from ferrari.

Longest season in history 23 main prizesstarted after the shortest pre-season so the first free practice served as the fourth day of testing with the new single 10 teams big tent.

At a temperature of 42 degrees on the track sugar scheme, Williams,, with Thai Alex Albonwere the first to leave the pita and open the new F1 circuit.

ferrari decided to first test different rear wing configurations on single-seat cars Carlos Sainz And Charles Leclerc. However, they soon broke off because the Monegasque striker and world runner-up hesitated too much.

but it was spanish sines who starred in the biggest panic of the session as with 21 minutes left he scored high speed spin at turn nine. Fortunately, there were no serious consequences for him, and he was able to go to boxing.

The Spaniard finished last in difficult practice for ‘galloping horseWith Leclerc ending fifth.

your compatriot Fernando Alonsoon the contrary, dominated the schedule and continues with an unexpected return Aston Martinfinishing second on the grid and his Canadian teammate Lance Strollfinished sixth on his return to the slopes after suffering a wrist injury.

But the fastest Bahrain it was mexican Sergio “Checo” Perezwhich over time 1:32.758 set the standard and surpassed it by more than four tenths Alonsoand more than six to his partner in Red Bull and current monarch of the category, Dutch Max Verstappen.

Mercedeswho saw his downfall in 2022 after dominating the previous eight seasons, finished a session in the middle zone with a seven-time world champion. Lewis Hamilton tenth and George Russelleleventh.

Like silver arrows Alpine retained preseason discretion in free practice 1 out Bahrain Grand Prixin which McLaren posted British Lando Norris at the top of the table, fourth, and the Australian rookie Oscar Piastri suffered a whiplash injury and starred in one of the daytime tours of the circuit loopholes.

First free Bahrain Grand Prix ended like this:

1. Sergio Perez MEX (Red Bull) 1:32.758
2. Fernando Alonso ESP (Aston Martin) 1:33.196
3. Max Verstappen NED (Red Bull) 1:33.375
4. Lando Norris Great Britain (McLaren) 1:34.165
5. Charles Leclerc PN (Ferrari) 1: 34.257
6. Lance Stroll ESP (Aston Martin) 1:34.298
7. Kevin Magnussen DIN (Haas) 1:34.402
8. Guanyu Zhou CHN (Alfa Romeo) 1:34.575
9. Valtteri Bottas END (Alfa Romeo) 1:34.689
10. Lewis Hamilton UK (Mercedes) 1:34.917
eleven. George Russell UK (Mercedes) 1:34.966
12. Oscar Piastri Australia (McLaren) 1:34.997
13. Yuki Tsunoda Japan (Alpha Taurus) 1:35.015
14. Nico Hulkenberg GERMAN (Haas) 1:35.043
fifteen. Esteban Ocon FRA (Alpine) 1:35.105
16. Nick Devries NED (Alpha Taurus) 1:35.402
17. Pierre Gasly FRA (Alpine) 1:35.455
18. logan sergeant USA (Williams) 1:35.749
19. Alexander Albon TAY (Williams) 1:36.018
twenty. Carlos Sainz ESP (Ferrari) 1:36.072

second practice this will be done Friday at 09:00 am.time of Central Mexico, in the Sakhir chain.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias