Canada women’s team reach agreement on economic equation

Canada women’s team reach agreement on economic equation

Canadian Football FederationCanada Soccer, this Friday reached the principle in accordance with all-female team For economic and financial alignment with their male counterparts with whom they will share “similar” conditionsThis is stated in the message of the federal body.

An agreement in principle has been reached with the players for pre-funding for 2022. The terms reflect an agreement similar to that of the players on the men’s team, which includes match incentives and rewards based on performance.

Secretary General of the Federation, Earl Cochraneassured that “It’s about respect, dignity and leveling the competitive landscape in a fundamentally unequal world”. “We have consistently and publicly stated the need for fairness and equal pay to be the pillars of any new deal with our players, and we are delivering on that today.”

“While this is an important step forward and a sign of progress, there is still a lot of work to be done ensure that our two national teams receive resources and support needed to prepare and compete“He added about the agreement.

The statement stated that “A new general collective agreement is still under negotiation” for both combined. “Therefore, the preliminary financing agreement with the players of the women’s national team is subject to change depending on the details specified in final collective agreement“.

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The players announced themselves in February strikeclaiming that lack of funding who report believing that this will jeopardize their ability to act in Women’s World Championship this year in Oceania. Now and three days later resignation of Nick Bontis as president of Canada Soccer, make it happen principle of agreementalways having the support of the men’s section.

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