FC Twente lost their win against Heerenveen at the last minute: 3-3

FC Twente and sc Heerenveen drew 3-3 in an attractive match. For a long time, the number five Eredivisie looked poised for a win, but the last-minute equalizer gave the Frisians a point from Enschede.

Having lost their last two games, FC Twente missed two key players in their four-hundredth Eredivisie match at Grolsch Veste: Ramiz Zerrouki was suspended and Joshua Brenet was not selected by coach Ron Jans for disciplinary reasons.

After a quiet first stage, Heerenveen took the lead half an hour later. Pawel Bochniewicz headbutted a Frisian corner and the ball flew over the thigh of Twente defender Mees Hilgers into his own goal.

Two minutes later, Sem Steijn did not immediately equalize for the home team: he stole the ball from a promising position into the stands. The tie came before the time-out: after Heerenveen’s weak defense, Robin Propper had plenty of room to head into the far corner, his first goal of the season.

Attractive even after resting

The contentious game at the end of the first half continued after the timeout. Twente regained the ball after just three minutes: substitute Manfred Ugalde made the score 2-1 with the first touch of the ball.

The Croatian headlined Václav Cerny with a free kick from goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall, who then again squandered Ugalde’s chances thanks to a slip from Jeffrey Bruma.

Twente tried to show himself, which brought another goal in the 55th minute with a good attack. Steijn served Ricky van Wolfswinkel with the outside of the shoe, the forward sent it back to Cerny and made the score 3-1.

Heerenveen is back

The game almost felt like it was agreed upon, but it turned out differently in the end. Milan van Ewijk, who received a nice pass from Anas Tahiri, managed to equalize the score by passing Unnerstall.

Both teams had a chance in the last half hour, but Heerenveen made the score 3-3 at the last minute against Twente with backup Rami Kaib, again with Tahiri’s help.

Check out FC Twente defender Robin Propper’s reaction:

Source: NOS