Argentinian singer pays tribute to Roa Bastos and Romero today

Tonight at 7 pm in the Bicentennial House of the Edda de los Ríos Theater (May 25, 993 and in the United States) there will be a presentation by the Argentine singer-songwriter Claudio Bustos. The study of Augusto Roa Bastos and Elvio Romero. Admission is free and free.

The musician reunites with known listeners during his years in the countryside and presents a repertoire of songs from his albums. American couplets And I walk on threads of water. The artist has integrated 15 published sheet materials and 2 volumes of poetry and 8 anthologies in different countries and languages.

Artist. Claudio Bustos has a repertoire that activates the poetic, narrative and musical veins of Latin America. He has an art career spanning over 40 years. A famous citizen of his hometown, Posadas, Misiones also received the honorable mention of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento from the Argentine Senators of the Chamber of Nations, “in recognition of his colleagues, their institutions and their work aimed at improving their lives. communities.”

The musician’s discography includes collaborations with artists from different countries, such as the Chilean Patricio Manns, the Argentinian Litto Nebbia, the Paraguayan musicians Lizza Bogado and José Antonio Galeano, and an active interaction with writers and artists that he promotes through radio. and TV shows he presented and broadcast on different channels in Argentina.

Throughout his career, he has performed on stages in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, France, Mexico, Colombia and Panama.

Source: Ultimahora

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