F1: “Being in the top 5 is almost a dream”, Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) assured that after finishing in the ‘Top 5’ Fifth, qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix, the first Formula 1 World Championship race, was “almost a dream”, certainly considering the situation a few months ago, and he realized that “there is still half a second left to fight for pole position”.

Speaking to DAZN after qualifying on Saturday, where he finished fifth, the two-time world champion commented:

It went really well. You don’t really believe it when you were FP1, FP2… You say to yourself, ‘There will come a time when we return to reality’. In the time trial we lost half a second to fight for pole position, but that’s exactly what we had […] Being in the top 5 is almost a dream.

The Spaniard was excited about his car, announcing that “very important things are coming. “The car is just the base, the beginning of this project. When I speak to the designers, they tell me that there are very important things to come, developments in the next races and the next Grand Prix, and it’s exciting to see the hunger of the whole team. For tomorrow we shall see; The strength of the car so far has been the long runs,” he added.

Finally, the two-time champion thinks it’s a push to get there. Four teams can compete for the podium. “Mercedes cheats the most all winter. We will be very balanced, that’s good. Maybe Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes AND Aston Martin All in half a second, depending on the track, some teams go faster than others, it promises a very tasty championship,” he concluded.

(With information from Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta