The World Classic, a tournament full of history

Seventeen years have passed since the first edition of the World Baseball Classic, which was held between March 3 and 20, 2006 in the cities of Tokyo (Japan), San Juan (Puerto Rico), and the US cities of Orlando, Phoenix, Anaheim and San Diego.

Thus came true a collective dream to promote a tournament that brought together major league players and emerging figures from more local leagues.

Japan began to build its legend over nations in America that to this day claim to have the most exquisite tradition around the practice of “hot ball.”

Unaware of such boasting, the Japanese team beat Cuba with a great fireworks display 10-6 in the final.

The conquest of that March 20, 2006 was no accident.

Japan is the country with the most wins in the history of the tournament, having won twenty-three and holding two consecutive titles: 2006 and 2009.

Source: El heraldo