Athletes from Russia and Belarus are collectively banned by unions –

Athletes from Russia and Belarus are collectively banned by unions –

Barlag explains that where the athletics federation first wanted to exclude individual athletes from competition, it no longer made any distinction in order to merge with other sports federations. It doesn’t matter if you are openly for or against the Russian invasion, Barlag makes it clear: every Russian athlete will be punished.

“It is difficult to make such a decision. We have been working with the Russian Federation for some time to bring them to their knees and they are moving in the right direction. But now they are being pushed back by their own regimes.”

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The international swimming federation FINA does not exclude Russia and Belarus for the time being. Swimmers from both countries are allowed to participate in international events, but only as a neutral athlete or team. They are prohibited from displaying and listening to national flags, symbols and national anthems. The same goes for the Russian and Belarusian authorities.

Union Cycliste Internationale UCI gets its license from all Russian and Belarusian teams. Gazprom is by far the most famous team to win a stage of the UAE Tour last week thanks to Mathias Vacek. Also, no Russian and Belarusian teams will participate in international national competitions.

The International Skating Union banned all Russian and Belarusian skaters and officials. Sprint World Championships, all World Championships and the World Cup in Heerenveen are still on the schedule.

Source: NOS