MLB won’t prosecute Mike Clevinger for domestic violence and child abuse

Right-handed pitcher Chicago White Sox, Mike Clevingerwill not be punished for major leagues after MLB investigate after accused of domestic violence and child abuse.

IN official statement from Big Top Regarding the decision not to sanction the 32-year-old American pitcher, they explained the following.

The investigation includes questioning more than 15 people, in addition to Mr. Clevinger and the prosecutor, and a review of documents, including hundreds of recordings of digital messages. The commissioner’s office has closed the investigation and, based on any new information, the office will not take any disciplinary action against Mr. Clevinger in connection with these allegations.

January 24 Olivia Feinsteadmother of Clevinger’s infant daughter, uploaded the photo to instagram marks on his body, stating that wounds were the result her partner threw an iPad at her when she was pregnant.

Finestead said clevinger he hung herha spit tobacco on your childin addition to accusing him of use drugs illegal. The alleged incidents took place last season when the pitcher was still with San Diego Padres.

He release added:

As part of his journey forward, Mr. Clevinger voluntarily agreed to submit joint treatment board assessments in accordance with the collective agreements and to comply with any advice from the boards. MLB will continue to support Mr. Clevinger, his family, and others involved in the investigation.

For his part, the pitcher, who signed in December one season and $12 million for the Chicago White Soxgave his release before the decision of the league.

I’m glad MLB has completed its investigation. I had nothing to hide and I fully cooperated with them. This situation has become stressful for my family. […] I asked everyone not to rush to play until the investigation is over.

2023 Major League Baseball season will start 30th of March with all teams participating in Major League Baseball Opening Day.

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