Brazilian Justice Rules Out Revocation of Robinho’s Passport | tweet

Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) of Brazil rejected seizure of the passport of ex-football player Robson de Souza “Robinho”, through an open standardization process sentenced to nine years in prison which he received in Italy for rape crime, The court announced this on Tuesday.

STJ Chairman, Judge Maria Teresa de Assis Mouradismissed the appeal from Brazilian Women’s Union, civil association is present in 25 of the 27 states of the country, whichrequested this measure due to the “risk” of Robinho leaving the country.

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The organization claims the case is of “outstanding societal significance given thatRemarkable immunity of football players in cases of sexual violence”according to the decree.

However, The judge denied the motion. since he considered the analysis “premature” due to the fact that the process is just beginning and the former Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan player was not even called to testify.

This decision was taken as part of Proceedings have been initiated at the STJ for Robinho to serve a nine-year prison sentence in Brazil. firmly dictated by the Italian court that declared it guilty of participating in gang rape one suffered An Albanian girl in a Milan nightclub in 2013.

Likewise, the Brazilian justice started the process approve the verdict handed down to one of the friends of former striker Ricardo Falco, also convicted on the same facts.

The Brazilian constitution does not provide for the extradition of citizens.but yeah what a citizen convicted abroad, as expected, is serving a sentence in the countryif the process is in accordance with the proper law and punishment does not exceed thirty years of imprisonment.

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Robinho, now 39 years old, He lives in the city of Santos, home of the club where he started his sports career and from where he moved to European football with Real Madrid in 2005.

(According to information from EFE)

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