Women fight at the Azteca stadium; fans question Fan ID | video

After a tense game at the Azteca stadium between America and Pachuca which ended in a 3-0 defeat for the Eagles, the stands flared up between the two fans.

A video began to circulate on social networks, showing a fight between two women in the VIP area of ​​the stadium. They both threw beer and insulted each other.

Although the initial reason for the quarrel is unknown, the fight began to escalate when women started shouting profanity.

It can be seen how one of the women, separated by a small fence, already wet, throws a glass of beer at another, insulting her. However, while throwing the drink, the woman also splashed other fans in the stands.

Photo: Screenshot

Initially, several rows of seats separated the participants in the fight, but a few seconds later a woman from the bottom of the stands approaches her, and then the second glass of beer ends up soaking her whole body and head.

Immediately, Stadium security officers intervened in the fight and took one of the women away. But before leaving, he manages to throw a glass of beer at whoever is filming the scene.

In the comments to the video, social media users started tagging the official Liga Mx account, questioning the fans’ behavior and demanding a Fan ID.

What is a FAN ID?

After the incidents of violence that took place in Querétaro at the stadium Corrector in March 2022, the authorities established Fan ID as Security mechanism in Mexican football stadiums.

It consists of facial recognition devices for those attending football matches and includes sensitive personal data such as biometric.

Photo: FAN ID

Fan ID works like identity document for football sporting events. It must be worn at all times and is required to enter and exit Mexican stadiums.

Thus, if an incident is reported in a stadium, the authorities can keep a record. If someone breaks the rules, you can fine, suspend, or veto a person at events and venuesusing Fan ID.

Source: Aristegui Noticias