JCC 2023: March of Works in San Salvador “time and form” | video

The infrastructure runs on Central American and Caribbean Games which will take place in San Salvador scheduled for June 23 to July 8 are “on time and in good shape,” the president of the National Institute of Sports (INDES) said Tuesday. Yamil Bukele.

“We confirm that everything is on time and in good condition”, said the manager, emphasizing the “progress in the works” in University of El Salvador (UES), whose objects are profiled as central American Village, as well as in the scenarios in which the competitions will take place.

He emphasized that “There are thirteen new buildings in the UES those that are under construction, and twelve existing ones are being renovated”, objects he visited Jimena Saldana, vice president Caribbean Sports Center.

bukele they said they subscribed 5456 volunteers in San Salvador and 133 in the Dominican Republic, what will it be venue for a regional event.

XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games will pass between June 23 and July 8.

Contest will award 1499 medals, 465 gold, 465 silver and 569 bronze.

San Salvador will host 32 sports, being subordinate to headquarters Santo Domingo will concentrate 6.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias