They present the 40th edition of the CDMX marathon | video

Issue 40 Telcel Mexico City Marathonwhich will take place on Sunday August 27 and what will happen during the holiday a photographic exhibition of four decades of this competition in Bosque de Chapultepec, presented on Tuesday Javier Hidalgoowner of Indeporte at CDMX

The capital official said that in 2023 it is expected participation of 30 thousand people, What are you still sure of? more than eight thousand have already completed registration. In addition, he pointed out that The goal this year is for over 20,000 people to complete the tour.

Today we present a new graphic line inspired by the huipiles fabrics used in the southern part of the country, corresponding to the Mayan culture in Chiapas. The marathon is 40 years old and we are going to celebrate it in a big way. This is the most important sporting event in Mexico City. It has evolved in every way and is number 1 in Latin America.

Prizes for the CDMX 2023 marathon

Similarly, the amounts Prizes of the 40th CDMX Marathon:

First place: $550,000 plus watch
Runner-up: $245,000 pesos
Third place: $180,000 pesos
Fourth place: $122,000 pesos
Fifth place: $92 thousand pesos

They are looking for a gold certificate for the half marathon.

The event also featured 16th edition of the half marathon which will work July 16 and whosethe maximum participation is expected at the level of 25 thousand people. Over 12,000 people have registered so far, and one of the goal is to achieve World Athletics gold certification.

Finally, it was reported that the symbolic character of the half marathon would be El Luchador, so the medal would have that distinctive feature.

(According to information from Claro Sports)

Source: Aristegui Noticias