First picture of Nadia and Marc Anthony after the pregnancy announcement

Nadia and Marc posed for the first time after announcing they were the parents of a child growing up in the womb. Glittering Miss Universe 2021 Vice Queen Nadia Ferreira flaunted her pregnancy in an elegant pink dress.

Newlyweds have many reasons to be happy. The couple got married just over a month ago in Miami, USA, in a wedding attended by many celebrities including Maluma and David Beckham. They have also been told that they are already parents of a child.

“The best Valentine’s Day gift! Thank God for this great blessing in our lives.” Marc Anthony and Nadia announced on their social networks that they are expecting their first child together.

They have now revealed more details about their baby. The gender or weeks of the pregnancy are unknown, but the couple are about to give birth to their first child together. The news confirms that they have been walking a tightrope for a while as they are both ready to start a family together.

Marc exhibited the magenta carpet at the Lo Nuestro Awards 2023, without letting go of his partner, whom he married a month ago.

Both discouraged her from hugging Nadia’s belly, who showed off her new curves in a tight, pale pink dress with a cape.

Jennifer López’s ex-wife was one of the undisputed stars of the gala, not only with the award she received, but also with her performance with Maluma. The two artists sang La Fórmula, their last song together.

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Via her Instagram account, the artist assured that it is also a reward that her baby is ‘happy’.

The newlyweds did not just spill their affections on the red carpet, because at the Dade Arena in Miami, where the event took place, the couple did not stop sharing signs of love and became extremely complicit.

But perhaps the most emotional moment was when Marc went upstairs to collect his award and didn’t hesitate to kiss the belly of Nadia, to whom he dedicated his award on stage. The singer said “Mom, I love you” in Spanish and replied “I love you”.


The Paraguayan model opted for a light pink dress and cape for this event. A dress that perfectly complements her maternity curves. She also took care of her hair, put on light make-up and wore gold jewelry and accessories.

The singer, on the other hand, preferred a casual look with a gray shirt, black trousers and patent leather shoes. Throughout the event, the couple showed their great admiration for each other.

For the singer, this baby is her seventh child on the way and for Nadia she is a first-time mother.

The actor is the father of Arianna Muñiz, the result of his relationship with Debbie Rosado in the 1990s. Marc is the father of Arianna’s brother Alex, whom he and Muñiz adopted.

She gave birth to Emme, who turned 15 on February 22 with Jennifer Lopez, along with her twin brother Max. She last gave birth to Cristian and Ryan during her marriage to Dayanara Torres from 2000 to 2004.

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