Negreira case: Tebas confirms La Liga will be presented as a private prosecution

Javier TebesThe president Leagueassured that this body would also present itself as private prosecution in the Negreira case and explained that “Spanish football needs clarity”noting that “the reputation of this contest above and no matter what club it is“.

Thebes announced the performance of La Liga after confirming that The prosecutor’s office will file a complaint against the former president of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu and the club itselffor millions in payments to the former head of the arbitration, and after information published this Wednesday by the newspaper World about the message that Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira sent to Barça, in which he assured the authorities “Help them with VAR”.

It’s very sad, it needs to be sorted out. You need to know if there was an impact or not. Because the influence can be direct or indirect. But it is open to investigation. Only the intention to try to buy the game or change the outcome. Just act, thinking you can change.

Thebes showed that La Liga reported it to UEFA 48 hours after it was made public. “Because we could not intervene because it was mandated, we wrote to UEFA, which other institutions did not,” he said, recalling that the UEFA statutes provide that when national institutions cannot intervene, they can do so at the international level.

This was stated by the President of La Liga. I want to clarify this question and in what “There is no campaign to discredit Barcelona” and also rejected the information that he was interested in the club becoming a joint-stock company. “In the Spanish La Liga, we fight with state clubs. We don’t have a mania for Barça, Laporta and his managers know that.”sentenced.

He also claimed that “The dispute with the prime minister comes from behind, on the issue of financial FairPlay”in response to the president’s statements Spanish Football Federation (REF), Luis Rubialesin which he considered it “accidental” that the news came out when the Spanish league was being compared to the English.

Newspaper World published in the latest edition, in which Enriques Negreira sent a message to Barcelona when he was no longer associated with the club in 2020, in which he offered the club to help him with VAR.

“I can help you with VAR, you would do better with me. If you are interested please contact me”indicates a newspaper that Negreira wrote to try to maintain the relationship he had with the club and that he reported 6.6 million euros.

Barcelona prosecutor’s office condemn Barcelona as a legal entityTo Enriques Negreiraformer club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and former managers Albert Soler And Oscar Grau for crimes corruption in business and unfair administration following payments made between 2001 and 2018 for alleged arbitration advice.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias