Sabri Lamouchi says Cardiff City’s plans to build a new training ground for their first team are positive news.

The club reported an operating loss of £29m in their annual accounts for the 2021/22 season, again highlighting their heavy reliance on main owner Vincent Tan.

Although the overall accounts present a rather bleak financial picture, with losses and debt mounting, supporters were pleased to see measures taken to protect the club for the future.

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Non-executive chairman Mehmet Dalman outlined the club’s two main infrastructure projects that are expected to be completed in the coming years.

As well as launching the new academy at Llanrumn, Dalman has also detailed plans to build a new training base for the first team close to the club’s current base at the Vale resort in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“We are continuing to build up the club’s infrastructure to ensure we achieve our aim of returning to the Premier League and then we must ensure that we maintain our status for the foreseeable future and break the vicious cycle of promotion and relegation,” said Dalman. .

“For this, two development projects for this infrastructure are being carried out.

“Firstly, the development of the new academy training complex in East Cardiff, which is expected to be operational at the start of the 2023/24 season. This will be based on the success of the players that have graduated in recent years. academy to become full members of the first team.

“Secondly, the construction of a new first-team training ground a short distance from our current base, but which will be wholly and exclusively for the club’s use. Although it is in the early stages and negotiations are underway for a 150-year lease on the proposed (started) new training facility, current projections suggest it will be operational in time for the 2025/26 season.”

The idea of ​​Cardiff having its own training ground has been around for a decade or more. Cardiff currently pays a large rent to use the facilities along with other sporting bodies such as the Welsh Rugby Union and the Football Association of Wales.

And Bluebirds manager Lamouchi thinks a club the size of Cardiff really should have its own training facilities. Despite the club facing harsh financial realities, the Frenchman believes Tang and the board are investing and planning for the future is a good sign.

“It’s always positive when trying to build a club’s infrastructure,” Lamouche said of possible plans to start construction on a new training ground.

So my question is why now and not before? Because a club like Cardiff obviously needs decent infrastructure.

“We work on a good infrastructure, but we are not at home.

“We are in the best place, with good people, we share a lot, today we are in the stadium because we cannot train in our training field because of the snow, but it is always positive when you invest in the academy, in the young people, in the infrastructure in the training field.

“It is not a bad investment, quite the contrary. This is a look into the future.”

Cardiff captain Joe Ralls shared his manager’s view that the two projects will help both the current set of players and the next generation.

“It’s good to see us looking to the future, trying to improve things,” added Ralls.

“We are pleased with the amount of players that have passed through the Academy in recent years, it is very good to see. Lots of local guys came here for the system.

“I hope it continues because providing the best conditions for our young players is always positive.

“It’s definitely great news and if we have a boot camp we’ll be more than happy too! It’s good to see the club looking to the future.”

Source: Wales Online