According to one organization, Bad Bunny’s song is perfect for CPR

The song has been viewed almost 700 million times on YouTube, Titi asked me Bad Bunny’s last song was one of the biggest hits of the past few months. The Puerto Rican success was devastating and his words were heard in venues around the world.

But what the artist did not foresee is that his work could also save lives. According to a post from, the American Heart Association itself says so unconditionally.

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After this organization Marmoset asked me It has a compression rate of 107 compressions per minute, which is within the recommended range of 100 to 120 for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. “Marmoset asked me “Written by Bad Bunny can help you keep up and save a life by bringing your hands back to life,” the federation said in a highly publicized post on its social media.

How to resuscitate: 30 compressions, two breaths

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an important process that can save lives. Of course, ideally it is always better to have a doctor resuscitate, but we don’t always have those resources. With that in mind, stick to a defining concept: 30 insights, two breaths.

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In case we need to resuscitate, the Red Cross gives the following advice. First, clear the area of ​​dangerous objects and examine the victim’s consciousness. If he doesn’t respond, we should get help and immediately open the airways to allow air to enter the lungs.

If the victim is breathing, we should position him laterally in a safe position. If he’s not breathing, we should call 911 and start 30 chest compressions at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. Then make two insufflations with your mouth open and your nose closed. We should not interrupt this sequence (30 compressions, two breaths) until the person is breathing again or medical help arrives.

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