“We are ready to bring joy to the land”: Dilson Herrera

Everything is ready. The team has already honed its strength and is ready for its debut in the World Baseball Classic. Colombia will play its first game in the baseball tournament this Saturday, against Mexico, at Chase Field, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, at 2:30 PM (Colombian time).

One of the most experienced players the national team will have in this event is Dilson Herrera, who shared his feelings hours before that first game to face this important event.

“I am happy and delighted with this great opportunity. This is a dream come true. I am proud to represent Colombia and we are ready to do my best to bring joy to the family and to the whole country,” the Bolivarian said in conversation with journalist Egel Ortega.

The man from Cartagena, who plays second base, said he has no problem playing in any position to help the team.

“I am grateful to the Colombian public and the people who really appreciate me. If I get the chance to play, I will do my best for the country, for the team and we are blessed. No matter what position they put me in places, all I know is that I will do my best,” he said.

Finally, Dilson, who has major league experience, noted that he was waiting for the moment to join the team despite not being on the initial roster.

“I waited and calm. At the time of the first selection it was not what was expected, but there was patience. This team is very young and the veterans there have been very consistent over the last year and this is a very good combination. We are ready to bring joy to the country,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo