New Tigres Stadium: a project between doubts and a little certainty

WANL Tigers of Mexican football presented in January 2022 a draft of their new stadium it will cost about $455 millionbut this more than a year later oscillates between doubts and few certainties.

Picture representing Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), which has had one of the most expensive salaries in Mexico over the past 13 years, making it the biggest winner in the country during that time, is committed to ensuring that real estate is completed in 2025.

However, the project is currently slow because although it has support Governor of Nuevo León Samuel GarciaHe Congress The local did not allow the club to transfer the land on which the project will be implementedwhich currently houses a junior American football stadium and a velodrome.

state deputies located north of Mexico require Information about where the funding will come fromthe administrator of the project and the benefits that will be received by the people of Nuevo León.

The information is that both tigers, Sports Synergybranch cemex who manages the team and Garcia published the cost, ability65 thousand fans to be owned places for a hotel and even WAN classes and that Juego de Pelota is the company that will develop the project with private money.

In addition, it is expected that this new stadium will Montereythe capital of Nuevo León and the headquarters of the tigers, as a candidate for hosting an NFL regular season game How did he do it Aztec Stadium Mexico City since 2005.

This embodied in memorandum signed by the directors of Sinergia Deportiva, UANL, Huego de Pelota and Garcia himself. The document was hidden from the citizens, who requested it through transparency from the authorities due to a “confidentiality clause”.

ball game is a company owned by a Mexican businessman Cesar Esparza and is headquartered in NY, USA. He was behind the projects football stadiums in Verona, Italy and in MeridaMexico, but like the Tigers, they have not yet been carried out.

cemex entrusted Esparza with a job that will put the felines on par with their rival in the city, Rayados del Monterreywhat in 2015 opened BBVA Stadium, the most modern in the country who will take World Cup 2026 that Mexico organizes with the US and Canada.

The current stadium tigersuniversity, was built in 1967 And you belongs to UANLwhich, under an agreement with Sinergia deportiva, provides it to cats.

The Tigers’ original plan was to upgrade El Vulcan.but pressure from his fans, who are looking for someone to outshine BBVA, and Garcia, a feline follower and aspiring Mexican presidential candidate who had the project as a campaign promise, got him thinking about a new complex.

IN January 2022 Governor of Nuevo Leon announced:

During the campaign, we said that we were going to build a new stadium for the new Nuevo León and today we are laying the foundation stone, the first legal document, the MoU that starts this new stadium, has been signed.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias