The referee asks Pique for a contract signed with RFEF for the Saudi Super Cup

judge mahadahonda investigation of alleged violations in Saudi Arabia Football Super Cup transfer contacted an ex-player FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué He treaty subscribed to Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) look for possible options for holding competitions outside of Spain.

According to the newspaper Confidential and confirmed EFEHe Instructional Court No. 4 Mahadaonda asked in the order that Piqué send documentation related to the RFEF mandate exercise said control.

The court also asks RFEF He license agreement signed with SELApublic company of Saudi Arabia, for the use of audiovisual rights Copa del Rey from the 2019-2020 season for the season 2021-2022 in the territories Mauritania And Mauricioon which a series of invoices were issued and the reasons why they were cancelled.

Other documentation requested by the court relates to contract between RFEF and SELAfrom which 3 million euro accountlevied in August 2021, unless it is associated with the license agreement mentioned above.

Moot Court No. 4 Majadahonda (Madrid) opened on June 29, 2021 investigation of Rubiales and Gerard Piqué for maladministration and business corruptionafter a complaint filed Miguel Galanthe president Association “Transparency and Democracy in Sports” And National Training Center for Football Coaches (Cenafe).

Complaint filed after posting Confidential from documents and audio recordings pointing to a possible treaty between Rubiales and Piquéfor which Cosmos (Piquet’s company) would charge multimillion-dollar commission for transferring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

(According to information from Reuters)

Source: Aristegui Noticias