Sean Kemp freed after participating in shootout

American Sean Kemp1990s NBA star and six times “All Stars”was released Thursday without charge after being arrested for his part in the drive-by shooting.

Pierce County Attorney’s Office In his statement, he said he would not immediately file charges and released the former player. Seattle SuperSonics53 years old, charged with a felony for shooting from a car, no one was hurt.

Earlier, the police reported a brawl near the shopping center between the passengers of two cars and the seizure of weapons.

From my side, Scott BoatmanKemp’s lawyer, according to a statement sent to a journalist from ESPN Adrian Voinarovsky telling him that someone hacked into the former player’s car and stole a lot of things, including an iPhone.

The six-time All Star and NBA finalist with the Sonics in 1996 was able to track him to the car he was shot from as he approached, and he He answered in his defense.

(According to Europa Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias