The UCI Cycling Federation excludes Russian and Belarusian teams. †

The UCI Cycling Federation excludes Russian and Belarusian teams.  †

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the international cycling federation UCI has decided that the national cycling teams of Russia and Belarus are no longer allowed to compete in all cycling disciplines. All six commercial teams that come out with a Russian or Belarusian license will also be banned from starting. This is the case with the intercontinental team gazprom-RusVelo, of which the Russian Ilnoer Zakarin is the most famous rider.

Riders from Russia or Belarus competing for licensed teams elsewhere are allowed to participate. If the registration is accepted, the riders can also participate individually in the races. Also, any reference to the country of birth and participation under a neutral flag is prohibited.

The UCI said it did not completely exclude Russian drivers because it wanted to take into account the “contractual rights of the riders and teams involved”. The association also wants to “unjustly” punish teams that are neither Russian nor Belarusian. The UCI asks the organisers, spectators and participants to show respect for the Russian and Belarusian riders in the races in which they are allowed to participate.

Source: RTL