9-7. The United States will meet Cuba in the semifinals and eliminate Venezuela

Venezuela’s chance to tie the game also came in the fifth inning when Daniel Bard, who relieved Lynn, struggled on the basesloaded mound.

And on a wide shot from Bard, Gleyber Torres scored the third for Venezuela.

With the bases loaded and no outs, DeRosa moved all in and threw Bard out for Jason Adam to try and calm the turbulence. But Luis Arráez struck for a force play and allowed Andrés Giménez to score the fourth and Venezuela was one point from tying the score.

Something Salvador Pérez did with a double that propelled Luis Rengifo to 5-5.

While the ranch burned, Venezuela didn’t stop and rallied when Ronald Acuña Jr. sacrificed himself with a catch for Arráez to give him the lead in the game 5-6.

In the seventh inning, Arráez homered and with the 5-7 lead, Venezuela appeared to dominate the diamonds.

But the champion’s strength returned in the eighth inning. Trea Turner hit a grand slam and the United States added four more points for a 9-7 win and a spot for the semifinals.

Source: El heraldo