Balls and Letters | The face of “Bolillo”

Balls and Letters |  The face of “Bolillo”

More of the same in the Barranquilla Junior. Bolillo Gómez’s debut has confirmed what we all know: that the problem is not the coaches, but the performance of the players.

Or to avoid controversy: it is a shared responsibility. What happens is that every time there is a crisis in Junior, the only ones responsible are the technicians who leave without delay, leaving the same players who are not performing and with them the poor performance they showed. They always bend over.

At Junior, the experienced players seem to have fulfilled their dreams and the youngsters assume that, with the best contract they have signed in their lives, they have already reached the goal.

There are players who don’t care whether they play or don’t play, whether they win, draw or lose. It is that they will have their money in the bank punctually.

That attitude is the denial of everything. If I’m a veteran and I perform, it might extend my longevity in football a little bit. If I am young and perform well, it is possible that what happened to Luis Díaz will happen to me: go and play in Europe.

I said at the beginning that Bolillo Gómez’s debut had served to confirm everything we have maintained.

At the edge of the hotel, fans were waiting for Bolillo, they applauded him, he posed for pictures, he got on the bus and left happy.

When he went onto the field, his satisfied face was clearly visible. When Vladimir scored the goal, Bolillo sang it and was moved.

Later his joy faded to give way to anger, with sadness and frustration, not only because of the draw in Santa Fe, but also because Junior is running low on battery and has started to “step”.

Comesaña, Amaranto, Reyes, Cruz Real, Comesaña, Reyes and now Bolillo, let the pile grow.

And meanwhile we keep seeing players who have made the same mistakes over the past three or four years, continue to cross poorly and send the ball out of control into the stands, continue to dribble with two hands and remain attached to a club that gives everything its hands full…

Source: El heraldo