Two faces of Colombia

Two faces of Colombia

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. This is how an old expression goes by which those who use it want to give unique importance to what the first impression is worth.

Well, the Colombian national team didn’t seem to believe her face to face in their confrontation with South Korea. The first impression of ‘la Amarilla’ (that of the first half) was very bad. Surpassed in rhythm, dynamics, aggressiveness and collective play by its rival. The speed with which the Koreans moved down the field, with and without the ball, totally surpassed the heavy and timid attitude, physical and mental, of Colombia. The two-to-nil result in Korea’s favor at the end of that stage represented its supremacy in the process in numbers.

In the second chance (the second half) that Colombia got, it made a very good impression. And he did that with the same football players from the first half. What happened? Is Korea exhausted after the great effort in the first half? Did the two goals in the first two advances of the first five minutes of the second half boost your attitude and confidence? The activation of Muñoz and Valoyes on the right? The most centralized position and with the most interventions from Carrascal? Take Matheus and the others to the Korean camp? Whatever the reason(s) may be, the Colombian superiority was clear. More game, more and better ball possession, better ball possession, all driven by a different dynamic and a different commitment from everyone to intervene in both phases.

Another essay for the Colombian national team and its coaching staff, which leaves some encouraging signs.

Source: El heraldo