1984-2023 or 39 years later | Column by Javier Castell Lopez

1984-2023 or 39 years later |  Column by Javier Castell Lopez

Pedro Blanco drilled the ball through right sector and passed it to Javier Castell who was unmarked towards the touchline; Quiñones, a defender from Santa Fe, attacked him with great force, but Castell overcame him and headed towards goal.

With space and time in his favour, but still diagonally, the game may have called for a cross into the penalty area, but he took the risk and rounded off Mosquera’s goal. The ball had a strange effect and beat the goalkeeper of the Bogotá team. Junior’s goal.

That is how he would have described the goal of that April 1, 1984 (Junior eventually won 1-0). On a day like today, 39 years ago, it was the first I scored, and on my debut. This is how I do it now, in Blu Radio broadcasts.

I changed the means of communication; It’s no longer the ball, now it’s the word. I no longer use my head on the outside (to nod), but on the inside (to analyze). A stubborn knee pushed me off the field prematurely, but it didn’t take away my passion for football.

That’s why I’m still in it, through the media. Learn, read, listen. Criticize, not criticize, with arguments and respect. I try to have the best pedagogy in my concepts. Do my best to use the language as correctly as possible.

And convinced that however enlightened my football theory may seem, my opinion cannot always explain the “complex simplicity” of this beautiful and unpredictable game. With permission from El Heraldo and from you fellow readers, I wanted to remember that happy personal moment.

Apologies for choosing a burst of nostalgia over more important and topical football topics. But…

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