Ice hockey player Kampong after winning a great match against Den Bosch in the playoffs

Kampong hockey players beat Den Bosch 5-4 to become the first team to qualify for the playoffs after a tough win.

Den Bosch last won at home against Kampong three years ago. The stakes were high tonight: not only did Kampong qualify for the playoffs with the win, Den Bosch finished sixth and needed three points to climb to the coveted fourth place, which was as high as first, second and third place. Ask for seasonal dessert.

In a never-boring match, Kampong was already 2-1 after the first quarter of an hour. Terrance Pieters and top scorer Jip Janssen scored, while Fabian Unterkircher scored well for Brabant.

As a result, Janssen, who has scored 25 goals from a penalty corner this season, missed the next two penalty corners with a slightly cocky drag shot to the left, causing the ball to land next to the goal.

nice tik tok work

Kampong showed why he is the master and champion on the hockey fields. After a good tikkie-takkie practice, Pieters played the ball to Deegan Huisman, who hit the ball 3:1.

It was difficult for Den Bosch to score against the least performing team in the majors. But coach Marc Lammers’ team has rebounded – and how!

Den Bosch was awarded a penalty that cornered Jeremy Hayward after a penalty corner hit Kampong Line Stop Derck de Vilder: 3-2.

This prompted us to look for an equalizer and this soon followed. Jasper Tukkers rebounds from the penalty corner: 3:3.

ahead of Bosch

Shortly before the end of the third quarter, Den Bosch showed himself to be the top dog. Gijs Campbell made the pass, Jaïr van der Horst tapped the ball: Den Bosch took the lead 4-3 for the first time in the game.

The famous roof fell off in this matchup at Oosterplas, full of cliff hangers and weird curves.

In the last quarter, Kampong seemed to understand what was at stake for them. Boet Phijffer worked smartly in front of goal, and Lars Balk took advantage of a lead on his pass: 4-4.

Den Bosch was later penalized for four consecutive corners; One of these must be a hit, you’d think. However, the sound of the ball hitting the wood was not heard.

Suspicious convex side

Kampong countered again, but Duco Telgenkamp’s goal was denied due to excessive cross. A somewhat dubious decision by the referees who were otherwise perfectly whistling and very sharp in every detail.

With two minutes to go, Utrecht forced the penalty into a corner. All or nothing for Janssen, but this time the drag hit hit: 5-4.

Kampong hockey players secured the playoffs and Den Bosch lost three crucial points.

Lose Hurley to Pinoké for cheap

In the women’s match, Tilburg defeated Rotterdam 3-2 and the score was 1-1 at halftime. The match again ended in a draw, but shortly after Rotterdam’s second equalizer, Donja Zwinkels gave Tilburg a 3-2 lead and the result was the score.

Hurley defeated Den Bosch 4-1. Hurley, who is just 3 points behind Pinoké, will have to give his best to stay fourth if he wants to make the playoffs.

Source: NOS