“I don’t take this as revenge, Junior is the team of my soul”

In the Barrancabermeja complex, the Santa Marta resident has had the opportunity to share with José Luis Chunga and Ferlys García, who have passed through Junior and with whom he says he has a good relationship.

“They are players who come from the coast. Chunga did his trial in the FC Barranquilla, I had Ferlys as a teammate at Barranquilla FC and at Junior and we have a great relationship,” he said.

The midfielder who is hired from the team’Shark‘, The news of the eleventh currambero surprises him, but he knows they can come back to the League.

“They have players of a very high level, who have had a good time, the results they have achieved are surprising for any fan. Junior is a great team. I have been through that and I know that sometimes he is not at his best , but he looks at every game like it’s a final and he always wants to give his fans the best and every game he comes out with the idea of ​​winning .This semester they didn’t get the results, the footballers don’t get on their best level, but they can reverse this situation and qualify,” he noted.

Source: El heraldo