Juan Guillermo Cuadrado reached 300 matches with Juventus

Allegri did without Vlahovic and without Di María from the start and reserved them for the first leg of the semi-finals of the Italian cup against Inter, and with Barrenenchea in midfield, making his debut as a first-team player.

The team from Turin dominated for their fans, but they were unable to prove their dominance in the first act, giving life to a Hellas Verona that thought itself better and more often harassed the gate defended by Szczesny, always unsuccessfully .

Only in the second half did ‘Juve’ tip the balance in their favour. He also did it with a great collective game between SquareMiretti and a key Locatelli to filter Kean, who was the one who, almost from the small area, defeated Montiopò to seal the victory.

A victory that, as almost always when ‘Juve’ is in the lead, was not at all comfortable for the local population. Allegri already gave access to Vlahovic say maria but the game broke up and became a constant round trip in which the visitors were able to draw level, but Szczesny managed to keep the result.

Di María was in charge of leading the counters in superiority that a Juventus failed to take advantage of who saw Bremer fail in front of goal and lose control of the game in the dying bars.

The black and white team, again more effective than attractive, obtained three fundamental points for the future of a season in which they are already creeping up on the European positions and in which there is still a chance to recover the fifteen penalties. ‘Juve’ is already in the fight for Europe.

Source: El heraldo