The prosecutor’s office asks to keep Dani Alves in prison; the risk of flight remains

Barcelona prosecutor’s office He was against the temporary release of the former Barça player. Daniel Alvesafter asking his defense last week, given that the risk of the footballer trying to escape justice remains.

According to sources in the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutor in this case submitted a report to the Barcelona Investigation Court No. 15, in which she claims that the circumstances have not changed since January 20 last year, when Alves went to prison on charges of raping a young woman in a night club Sutton, so the risk of flight remains.

Having learned the position of the parties, the investigating judge must now decide whether to accept the defense’s request for Alves and release him on provisional release with the precautions she deems appropriate, a decision that can be appealed to the Barcelona Court.

Last week, Alves’ defense asked the judge who is investigating his alleged rape to temporarily release him on bail, if necessary, based on an expert report from the nightclub’s security footage, which guarantees acquittal.

In a letter, the footballer’s lawyers Christopher Martell And Arnau Xumetra They argue that these images will show that the defendant and the victim flirted before the events, dancing and drinking together, and that the latter voluntarily entered the bathroom after Alves did so.

Christopher Martel.

In particular, the lawyers argue that a 200-page expert report analyzing images frame by frame denies “panic and horror” says the victim and points out that the twenty minutes they spent together before entering the bathroom “was typical of sexual flirting”.

Alves submitted his request for release after he testified a second time before an investigating judge, this time of his own free will, during an April 17 appearance.

The Brazilian footballer argued before the judge that the sexual relationship with the applicant was consensual and that he had lied in his first statement in order to hide his infidelity from his wife.

On February 21, the Barcelona court had already rejected the same arguments that the defense made in its appeal – based on roots and images from surveillance cameras – when it decided to keep the football player in pre-trial detention, assessing “high” flight risk and believe that the evidence incriminating him is “serious” and “diverse”.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias