NFL: ‘This is not the end for us’, Aaron Rodgers says emotional goodbye to Green Bay

End of an era…

The day after the long-awaited news of the quarterback’s departure Aaron Rogers To New York Jets after 18 years with a detachment packersthe legendary passer-by for the last time said goodbye to Green Bay: the city where he grew up.

With his departure for the Big Apple, where he arrived on Wednesday morning, Rogers found time to devote Goodbye to everyone involved in his historic tenure with the Packers.. His words were accompanied by photos of his highlights with the franchise, including his project selection and their peers, including Mercedes Lewis, Randall Cobb and Mason Crosby.

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In a post featured on your official account instagramArod said:

I’m not sure how I can fully express my appreciation for the Packers, our incredible fans, the state of Wisconsin, the thousands of players I’ve crossed paths with, the incredible men and women who work for the organization, and the incredible people I’ve met along the way. […] and I hope you can read this and feel my heart and soul fill with love and peace during my time in green and gold.

Rogers was Elected at number 24 of the 2005 draft and became undisputed winner of the 2008 teamopening a new chapter in a historical franchise that will always be remembered after being crowned in super bowl xlvAbove Pittsburgh Steelerstheir 11 seasons with post-season appearances And him four recognitions, such as NFL Most Valuable Player.

I grew up in Green Bay, was drafted at 21, fell in love with the game, made lifelong friends and have lifelong memories.

In his farewell message, a passer-by took the opportunity to thank specific Packers members who marked his time with the team, including the late general manager. Ted Thompsonthat I sketched it, coaches Mike McCarthy And Matt LaFleurCEO Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutenkunst.

Result Rogers it was quite slow and difficult for everyone involved, and for a moment it looked like he might leave the franchise in bad conditions. However, he concluded his message by emphasizing love for the team, the city and the fans and that although he leaves, This is not yet the final goodbye.

Fans, thank you, you made every start in the tunnel special, every home game magical, and it was an honor to be your quarterback.. To my teammates: I love you all, I’m grateful for the moments on and off the field that brought us together. I played with legends, I played with friends; Thank you for believing in me and always supporting me.He added to finalize his message:

This is not the end for us, I will see you again Green Bay, you will always be in my heart.

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