Manchester City 4, Arsenal 1: Guardiola’s men are on their way to the title

He Arsenal didn’t lose Premier League andThis Wednesday, he lost it in the three previous games he failed to win. tonight, the Manchester City it just reminded him who’s the best in the league, with an exhibition dismantling the ‘Gunners’ title options and bringing the trio closer Jose Guardiola (4-1).

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A guided tour led by a master Kevin De Bruyne, who scored two of City’s goals and gave another to John Stones, and for a Erling Haland who made one of his most dominant games, assisting the Belgian on both his goals and scoring at the last minute with his hair in the wind.

It was 4-1 but it could have been a lot more as City appeared several steps above an Arsenal who have gone four games in a row without winning and hold a slim two point lead over the ‘Sky Blues’ ‘. Of course with two more games.

It’s only a matter of time before City take the lead and win a title that came home wide this Wednesday at the Etihad Stadium, where Arsenal didn’t even show up. And what little was on the pitch would be the plaything of a city finally reaching the most important part of the season at its best.

This way they could lend a hand to the ‘Gunners’ in the first 45 minutes. From the possible penalty to De Bruyne, to the three clear chances missed by Haaland, to the excellent game the Norwegian came up with for the 1-0.

Haaland – leaving Rob Holding as proof – pocketed a ball from John Stone and sent it to De Bruyne in the race. The Belgian held his own with the central defender forward and surprised Ramsdale with a low shot just wide of the post.

The 1-0 could have been answered by Haaland’s goal, who found a fantastic Ramsdale under the crossbar, but the continuation on the scoreboard only came in stoppage time, when Stones headed a De Bruyne shot which the referee ruled out for offside. The VAR confirmed it after a few minutes of waiting and City went to rest with the game condemned.

Because Arsenal had done nothing. He didn’t know what to do with or without the ball. He was emotionally drained, this time not overwhelmed by his own nerves, but touched by the best team in the league.

In the second half, ramsdale He again prevented Haaland’s goal, taking one-on-one, but on the next play the Norwegian gave the ball to De Bruyne and for Holding – who appeared in all the shots – he beat the England goalkeeper.

However, it was Holding himself who closed the gap with the goal of honor three minutes before the end. A good shot from inside after a pass from Leandro Trossard was useless to Mikel Arteta’s men, who need little more than a miracle to win this Premier League.

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In time, Haaland removed the thorn of not having scored and although he was already untied from the headband, as the referee was about to blow his whistle, he caught a rebound from Phil Foden and scored his 33rd goal in this Premier.

Arsenal have five games left, including games against Chelsea, the Newcastle United and Brighton, while City, which also participate in the Champions League (semi-finals) and FA Cup (final) still has seven games to go and a quieter calendar. Everything is set for Pep Guardiola to win his fifth Premier League.

Source: El heraldo