NBA Playoffs: Celtics survive hell in Atlanta and advance to the round

Boston Celtics they won this thursday Atlanta for the hawks (120-128) and got an endpoint (2-4) to access second roundWhere Philadelphia 76ers. those of Joe Mazzulla they suffered a lot and could not decide the sixth game until the last minutes.

four players from Boston they finished with double figures in scoring. Jaylen Brown And Jason Tatumwere again the most outstanding with 32 and 30 points respectively.

Dominican Al Horford made a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds, and Marcus Smart signed 22 goals and Malcolm Brogdon he converted 17 from the bench.

hawks They were very choral and distributed the score. Six players finished with double-digit points, bring the young was the most important since 30 and De’Andre Hunter accompanied him from 20.

In the first minutes Celtics They were far from the consistent version expected from a team that wants to avoid a seventh game. Those in green helped Atlanta equalize in the rebounding battle and also threw in four assists.

Indoors, the offensive reference was Young, who finished the first quarter with 18 points. Nine of those goals were scored by three nearly identical triples, from the head and after his own dribble, mimicking the one he scored in Game 5 for the victory over the buzzer at Gardena.

After 12 minutesone point separated both sets with 34-35.

A few minutes before the end of the second episode, the score 2-13 allowed the guests to lead the game again on the way to the final. locker rooms (67-68).

Dejont Murray he returned to the series after being suspended in the fifth game. ex of San Antonio Spurs He did not have any influence on the entire first part; in fact, his first shot came three minutes after the break.

It was his 9-point goal in the third period that made him another offensive option for the Hawks. WITH, Hunter and his 13 points in the same quarter penalized the Celtics.

Boston he has failed in the statistical charts he usually dominates and, for example, he has neglected defensive rebounding. The Hawks had already amassed 21 second chance points by the end of the third quarter and dominated the overall standings. 100-98.

So it was with three Back-to-back triplets of Brown, Horford and Tatum, when the Celtics were up six points. They added a board stopper and a dunk after rebounding two Jays, plus three more goals from Smart’s perimeter, which ended the quarter 3-14 with a minute and a half left.

One of the images that captured the moment of the Hawks shorting out was when, at the end, they needed up to four attempts to get out of the lane, breaking the ball on the body. Smart. In a last effort, the ball went over the other line and thus put an end to hopes Atlantawho, despite the defeat, said goodbye with very good feelings.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias