Eva Green wins lawsuit to get her salary from a canceled movie

translator casino royale and kingdom of heaven, At the age of 42, the producer claimed White Lantern movie Collecting the million dollars stipulated in his contract, which the company refused, claiming that Green had “undermined” production and lost his salary.

However, Supreme Court Justice Michael Green, in his opinion published today, ruled that the Frenchwoman was entitled to collect the amounts agreed upon and rejected the claim from White Lantern Film and its lender SMC Specialty Finance.

“I believe Green has not waived his obligations under the Artistic Agreement and has not committed any violations,” the judge said.

In private messages posted during the trial, the actress described the crew as “damned ignorant”, the production a “crappy B-movie”, and executive producer Jake Seal as “completely throwing up”, while also calling herself a “sociopath” and ” a lot of shit”. mad dictator”

The producer’s lawyers said the translator “absolutely and utterly refused” to participate in the production.

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Despite this, the judge found that Green did not violate the terms of his contract to appear in the film. for the patriotAbandoned in October 2019.

“He may have said extremely mean things about Seal and his crew, but it was born out of a genuine sense of fear that any film made under Seal’s control would be of very low quality and would not do justice to a screenplay he was passionate about. about laundry. Additionally.

The actor said in a statement after learning of the decision: “Justice has been served after I defended his life for the beautiful film I loved and signed on to watch”.

“The film is about a cause close to my heart, climate change, and warned of resource wars if we don’t solve this problem. I stood my ground and this time justice prevailed,’ he thought.

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