“Even in virtuality, Daniela clung to her love of gymnastics”

As if it were your classroom, or even your own home, Daniela Muskote He goes in and out of the gym. He knows every corner of the place, every element, and no less spends most of his free time there with only one goal: to a great gymnast.

The age of 6 is one of the challenges that every parent faces, as it is an important transitional stage that brings with it a whole series of physiological and psychological reactions in which children are very restless and mischievous. However, Daniela’s behavior was strikingly different than other kids his age.

From a very young age she characterized herself as a girl. fidgety who liked to jump and climb everywhere, a behavior that put her in danger more than once. It was then that Claudia QuijanoSuspecting her little girl was hyperactive, her mom decided to find an activity that would help her channel that impulsive behavior that worried him so much.

Daniela had one talent and Claudia knew it, because she was no stranger to it flexibility who demonstrated in each of them those movements that frightened her so much, and thus convinced that the ballet It would be perfect to keep his intrepid daughter busy, he decided to enroll her in an academy.

Source: El heraldo