MLB Mexico City Series: Padres beat Gigantes on home run

San Diego Padres they won, 16-11, San Francisco Giants this Saturday at the stadium Alfredo Harp Elu in Mexico City will host the first match Mexico City Seriesvalid for 2023 Major League Baseball season.

The height of CDMX, 2240 meters above sea level, foreshadowed a multi-homer game that was completed by a total of 11 between the two teams, two less than the record set in Major League history.

As a result, the Padres, now on 14 wins and 14 losses, finished third in the NL West, 3.5 games ahead of San Francisco.

San Diego opened the scoring at the end of the first half when Nelson Cruz’s single was sent home. Manny Machado already Xander Bogartsincreasing the Padres score to 2:0.

The Padres seemed to dominate the game, extending their lead in the second inning. Pitcher Shawn Maneda hit a wild base pitch that turned Austin Nola at 3-0.

San Francisco responded at the top of the third toss with a home run fest. Brandon Crawford And Lamonte Wade Jr. they hit consecutive single home runs to make it 3–2.

San Diego, in turn, responded with an attack from the sleeve. Cross took the ball from the park to make it 4-2 and Nola he hit another with a single to make it 5-2.

The Giants rallied 8-5 with a six-time rally in the fourth, led by a home run from Mitch Haniger from three races.

Dominican Juan Soto And Bogaerts they revived the Padres in the same quarter with consecutive single home runs to make it 8-7.

Dominicans Fernando Tatis Jr. And Machado they joined the party with a home run each in the fifth to give the Padres a 10-8 lead.

Blake Sabol tied 10-10 for the Giants in seventh with two home runs and David Villar he then gave San Francisco an 11–10 home run lead.

The Padres regained the lead on the same throw. Machado gave another homer, now two runs, at 12-11
A four-race rally in eighth led by a two-race understudy Trent Grisham, sealed San Diego’s 16-11 victory.

The second and final game of the Mexico City Series will be played this Sunday.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias