Confrontation between Nacional fans and DIM leaves two dead and 14 injured

A pitched battle between Medellín and Atlético Nacional fans took place outside the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, hours after the Purslane team beat the red club 3-1, on Saturday night in the Antioquia Classic, matchday 17 of the competition.

According to police reports, some 300 people wearing shirts referencing the two teams collided around the stage, killing two and injuring 14.

The people who lost their lives in this unfortunate act of football-related vandalism were identified as Ánderson Steven Jaramillo Cañaveral, age 34, and Alejandro Gallego Torres, age 25, according to the Public Force.

“Yesterday every minute of the classic was played in peace. Too bad it lasted so short. At 2 am today, two fans, aka ‘el Zombie’, from Nacional, and ‘la Hormiga’, from Medellín, got into a brawl that cost their lives. We will act with the full weight of the law. We will hand out a reward of 200 million to those who help us identify and prosecute those responsible,” said Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín.

“The civilians who lost their lives were attacked with sharp weapons and blunt objects,” said Colonel Henry Bello Cubides, commander of operations and civilian security of the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá, according to information from the newspaper El Colombiano.

Police reported only one captured in the middle of the street fight.

Source: El heraldo