MLB: Mexicans Julio Urias and Patrick Sandoval shine off the hill

Julio Urias, Mexican jug in Los Angeles Dodgers, He returned to show his usual dominance from the mound be on the cutting edge on a brilliant day against Philadelphia Phillieswhich were imposed by the overwhelming 13-1 at Dodger Stadium.

He Easter cakes (4-3) fired brilliantly at the time seven inningsin which they scored a circle and eliminated 10 opponentsto lead the Dodgers to an impressive victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

cuban guy Michael Vargas And flour rates they each drove three runs to bear the brunt of the Dodgers offense.

Three Turner hit a solo home run for the Phillies, who were counting on their star’s return Bryce Harperwho grounded all four times when he approached the bat.

St. Louis Cardinals 1-5 Los Angeles Angels

mexican southpaw Patrick Sandoval (3-1) eliminated four batters in five innings and limited to one offensive per St. Louis Cardinalsseeking victory for Los Angeles Angels.

Brandon Drury hit a disc that flew over the wall to pass in three passes, Anthony Rendon collaborated with mileage credit and RBI and Mike Trout added account for angels.

Andrew Knizner prompted Tyler O’Neilwith a single count of cardinals.

Tampa Bay Rays 4-1 Pittsburgh Pirates

Colombian Harold Ramirez homered and drove two runs for Tampa Bay Rays will win on Tuesday Pittsburgh Pirates in a duel between the two teams with the best performance in the major leagues.

rays they had annotations from a cuban Randy Arozarena and Dominicans Manuel Margo And Jose Siriand also with a tugboat from his compatriot from Kiskeyan Travel Franco.

Dominican Roanci Contreras (3-2) lost the game after allowing four runs in 5 1/2 innings, hitting three.

Carlos Santana he had the only RBI for the Pirates in the game.

Boston Red Sox 7-6 Toronto Blue Jays

Connor Wong He had the best game of his career in major leagues and this Tuesday he charted four unstoppables, including two full circle shots, and scored four points for Boston Red Sox they will win Toronto Blue Jays.

Puerto Rican Christian Arroyo sent the ball out of bounds, Mexican Alex executioner scored twice and the Dominican Raimel Tapia He managed to score points to join Boston’s attack.

Dolton Varshaw he scored three runs with a home run and a Dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr. he scored one goal and drove twice for the Blue Jays.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias